Drone footage captures moment of ‘stunning’ moment of car flying into a crowd in Glasgow

The footage shows the moment a driver of a blue Nissan Skyline crashed into a small group of people at a packed concert venue.

The video was recorded by a cameraman at a nearby concert venue who was on a tripod.

“This is incredible,” he said.

Video: Drone footage shows moment of Nissan Skyliner crashing into concertgoers The footage shows a blue sedan flying through the crowd and hitting two people.

It then cuts to a woman who is knocked to the ground.

She can be seen falling backwards, and then the driver of the car comes to a stop.

One of the people on the ground is seen getting out of the vehicle.

After a few moments, the man can be heard saying: “Sorry, sorry, I’m sorry, it’s my fault, it was my fault.”

He then starts walking away from the crowd.

A man can then be seen running up to the Nissan and pulling it away from his car.

The Nissan then lands in a parking lot.

Police are investigating what happened.

Source: TalkSport article Drone footage captured moment of a car flying through a crowd at a crowded concert venue Video: Video: Nissan Sky Line crashes into concert attendees Video by YouTube user kriscxl The driver of his vehicle then runs into the crowd, and a woman can be overheard saying: ”Sorry, I need a seat, I’ve been knocked over.

“She is then seen getting back in the car and walking towards the exit of the venue.

A woman can also be heard telling another man: “It’s your fault, that’s why I need the seat, we’re sorry”.

The footage ends with the driver getting out from under the car, and walking back to the vehicle and continuing on his way.

KriscXl said the man appeared to be drunk and was speeding when the crash happened.

Police are not treating the crash as suspicious.

The man has been arrested on suspicion of drink driving and is due to appear in Glasgow Sheriff Court later this week.

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