How the world’s most popular video game franchise made money online via a mobile game store

TechCrunch is reporting that Microsoft has acquired mobile gaming startup Gamespot, which is best known for making the hugely popular mobile game Candy Crush Saga.

Gamespot has since raised a total of $11 million, with a majority of that coming from Microsoft Ventures.

Microsoft also invested $1 million in Gamespot’s last round of funding, the company said in a statement.

This acquisition, however, is the first step in Gameshop’s move into the mobile gaming space.

“The acquisition of Gamespot gives Microsoft a platform to bring games to more than 100 million users around the world,” Gamespot co-founder and CEO Andrew S. Beard told TechCrunch.

“They have access to the largest game development pipeline and will be able to accelerate their growth.” 

The move comes after Microsoft announced its plan to spend $100 million to buy out Gamespot.

The company said that this deal will allow it to accelerate its mobile gaming efforts, as it seeks to expand its mobile offerings into other areas of the world. 

Microsoft has been working on a strategy to build a mobile-first game console for years, but the Xbox 360 was a failure, as games like Candy Crush and Minecraft had huge demand. 

The acquisition was announced at Microsoft’s Build developer conference in May. 

“With the acquisition of the Gamespot team, Microsoft will be one of the most innovative developers of mobile apps,” a Microsoft spokesperson told Techcrunch. 

This move will allow Gamespot to accelerate the development of a more popular app that it has long relied on for revenue. 

Gamespot has made millions of dollars from Candy Crush, and it also has a successful mobile game business.

Its games, however have never been well-known to the general public.