What happens when you’re forced to watch a live stream of a Nickelodeon game live on Facebook?

The NFL’s live stream from Week 16 is going to be a major hit with fans.

The game on Monday night was set to be broadcast on Facebook, but it was pulled because of an issue with a live feed that was hosted by a fan.

The NFL said it will start rolling out live streams to all teams at a later date.

The game between the Green Bay Packers and Philadelphia Eagles was set for Sunday at 1:25 p.m.

ET, but the stream was pulled when the live feed crashed.

“As a result of this unfortunate incident, Facebook Live was suspended for two hours for the first time ever in NFL history, as a result the NFL was unable to provide live streaming for this game, which was broadcast on Sunday at 8:00 p.mt.,” NFL said in a statement.

While the game has been pulled, fans can still watch the game on the official Facebook Live page.

The site says that the site will continue to stream NFL games throughout the season.

In addition to the live stream, the NFL is also offering an NFL Network package that will allow fans to stream games from the teams on NBC.