Google execs to unveil a “global ecosystem” of products and services at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona

Google’s Android and Google Photos apps are getting a major overhaul at the next Mobile World Conference in Barcelona, as the company is aiming to make them more like Apple’s Photos.

The company will be offering a suite of new products including the Google Photos mobile photo viewer and a new “virtual reality” feature called Google Lens, as well as a suite with apps that allow users to take photos on their phones and then share them on social networks.

Google is also working on a new Android Wear watch that will let users wear a phone’s sensors to record videos and photos in real time.

There are also plans to make Google’s Google Lens and Google Lens+, which is an app that lets users take photos of objects in real-time, more like Google Photos.

Google Photos has been on the market for years, but the company has been focusing more on video for some time.

Last year, the company started offering video and audio recording features for Android Wear smartwatches and for a Google Glass prototype.

This year, Google is rolling out a new version of the Photos app that will include video and sound recording capabilities, and a redesigned version of Google Lens for Android.

Google Photos will also be able to record voice calls.

Google Glass and Google Glass+, which were announced in March, are not going to be released in the U.S. Google has been working on other products and software products in recent years, including its Project Tango virtual reality headset.

The Google Glass initiative has had mixed success.

Google also has a series of other mobile products under development that will allow users, including the Pixel phones, to take pictures in real space, or in the real world.

That includes a pair of augmented reality glasses called Project Mira and Project Loon, which will allow Google to make augmented reality experiences that are more like the experience you get from an augmented reality phone.