Cyprus broadcaster calls on citizens to protest against police brutality

Posted September 25, 2018 08:18:10 Cyprus broadcaster RAL Live aired an interview on Wednesday with a human rights activist who claimed police used excessive force against her during a raid on her home.

A protest is being organised in Nicosia on Wednesday to call for an independent investigation into police brutality against activist Alisia Koudou.

“We call on citizens and people to join the protest in Nicomedia, to hold demonstrations in all locations in the country to show their solidarity with the woman who is being beaten, she is suffering and we call on authorities to stop the abuse,” the broadcaster said in a statement.

The footage of the raid, aired on RAL on Wednesday night, showed police using a water cannon to break into the home of the activist.

An official from the Prosecutor General’s Office said on Thursday the woman had been detained for five days.

The lawyer, who is also a lawyer, has not been charged with any crime and the matter is under investigation.

The Prosecutor General, Oleg Stavropol, said the incident had taken place during a routine operation, and the prosecutor would investigate the incident and the force used.

RAL Live, a state-owned broadcaster, is part of the state-run Cyprus Broadcasting Corporation (KDH), which also broadcasts in the US and Australia.

On Monday, RAL said it would cut the number of its live broadcast hours from 11pm to 10pm on Wednesday and Friday.