Why the Toronto Maple Leafs have to go to New York to play the New York Rangers

The Toronto Maple Leaf hockey club will have to travel to the New Jersey Devils for its second game in four nights because of the recent ice storm.

The Devils are playing their second game against the Buffalo Sabres in four days.

The Maple Leafs and Devils will play in New York for a fifth time since the start of the 2015-16 season.

New York-based Noursat said it will hold a press conference Thursday to address the storm.

The team also said that it is looking at its website to provide information on when and where the game will be played.

The league issued a statement on Monday saying the Leafs will play Thursday night against the Detroit Red Wings at Madison Square Garden.

It will also be the second time the Leafs and Red Wings have met this season.

The Rangers have played the last two games at Madison.

The Red Wings will host the Sabres on Thursday night.