How to watch live ballet on television in the UK and Ireland

The Irish media are reporting that the BBC is planning to make a live video broadcast of ballet at the Royal Ballet Academy of London.

The programme is said to be a new initiative from the BBC that will air live on the BBC2 channel starting this Sunday (Wednesday NZT) at 11:00pm (local time).

There will be live footage from London, and also live performances from the Royal Academy of Dramatic Art and the Royal Opera House.

Live video from London is also expected to be broadcast in the US and Canada.

The announcement comes as the Royal Festival of Contemporary Art opens in the U.K. this week, and BBC3 is also set to launch a live programme of ballet this Sunday.

It comes just days after the BBC confirmed that it was expanding its live video programme to include performances of the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra and the Chorus of St John’s Episcopal Church.

The BBC and BBC Sport have both announced plans to introduce live video content in a bid to boost the BBC’s digital audience.

In December, the BBC said that it planned to launch live streaming services in the future.