How to get to work in a few minutes: A guide to getting to work from home

There’s no better way to get things done than to be at home.

In this case, that means spending less time at work.

Here’s how to get there.


Get a home computer While most people will tell you that computers aren’t a necessity anymore, they are.

The average American spends around 35 hours a week on work, and many of those hours are spent at home, where the computer is the only place to be.

So if you want to work less, get one with a dedicated desktop.

The following home computers are all great options: Windows PCs, Chromebooks, MacBooks, and Macs are all good choices.

Most of the time, you can use them in conjunction with a home server, though.


Check out a local cafe The best way to spend your evenings is at a local coffee shop.

They’re always full of people you can get to know and chat with.

It can be relaxing and sometimes even fun.


Visit a friend’s house While not as popular as a coffee shop, home visits can still be great.

You can spend a couple hours at a time with someone you’re friends with.

You’ll be able to see each other’s home, and it’s usually a great place to have a chat about work or the weather.


Find something to do that you like There are lots of options to spend the evenings, and the only downside is that there are no guaranteed times when you can spend the entire evening at home doing things that are not fun.

That said, there are some things that you can do in the evening that are a great way to relax.

Here are some ideas to make the most of the evening: Play a game of chess or a board game.

Go on a hike or ride a bike.

Listen to music that is relaxing or has something to say.

Spend some time at the beach.


Read a book A great way of spending the evenings is to read a book.

It’s not that it’s boring, it’s that you’ll feel refreshed.

Try one of these: Anki, Habitica, Zen Habits, or The Power of Habit.


Watch a movie or TV show on Netflix If you’re going out for the evening, watch a movie with a nice soundtrack.

It’ll keep you focused and will help you sleep longer.


Take a walk around the block You’ll likely find yourself walking around the neighborhood again at some point, so it can be nice to just spend some time outside.


Play a music video You can play a music song or an instrumental while you’re out and about.

It will help your brain relax, which will make you feel better.


Take the dog for a walk You’ll probably want to spend some quality time with your dog after your shift, so take it for a quick walk.


Listen or listen closely to a podcast Listen to podcasts on your favorite podcast platform or app, or even if you don’t have a podcast app.

You might also like to listen to some audiobooks.


Play some video games If you play a lot of video games, then it might be a good idea to try playing them on a console or PC.

Just like your friends, your kids might want to have fun with them.


Go out for a picnic or a BBQ Enjoy a picnic with some friends.

This is an amazing way to take in the beautiful outdoors.


Go to the gym If you’ve got a gym membership, then this can be a great time to get fit.

Just remember to be safe and remember to keep your hands off the equipment.


Have a quiet talk with your boss or your boss’s friends You can talk to people you know and you’ll get to learn something about the company you work for.


Go shopping with your kids You might be tempted to buy a lot, but you’ll probably save money by buying things you can put in your bag.


Listen on the phone If you have a phone, then you can listen to podcasts or listen to music on your phone.

If you don.


Take an exercise If you take an exercise regularly, then going to the park can be really fun.


Take some video gaming If you love gaming, then go out for some fun.


Get outside and do some exercise The sun can be just as soothing as you think.