Donald Trump Jr. is getting a $1.2 million bonus after leaving the White House

LIVE broadcast broadcast: Donald Trump Sr. is going home to West Palm Beach, Florida, to start his new job.

The president’s son was promoted to a senior White House advisor position in the first few weeks of his new role and is currently earning $1,721,000 a year.

The president will be leaving the Trump Organization on February 18, 2018, leaving the family’s business empire to the president’s two adult sons.

Trump Jr. told ABC News he expects to leave his role at the White the next day, but did not elaborate on how long he plans to stay.

In February, Trump Jr., along with Jared Kushner, who was the president Trump’s son-in-law and a senior adviser, both resigned from their positions at the Trump family business.

Trump’s son is currently on a short leave of absence from the White.

He was suspended for two weeks from the Trump Tower hotel for failing to appear in court for a July 9, 2017, Trump Tower meeting in which he was told that a Russian lawyer offered damaging information about then-President Trump.

Trump Jr.’s attorneys say he lied to the FBI.

In his resignation letter to the Senate, Trump said he is leaving the administration “to pursue a new challenge.”

The White House has not commented on whether the president will continue his work as a private citizen.