Why Snapchat’s ‘smeh’ is still ‘somewhat relevant’

A Snapchat-inspired hashtag that has inspired a backlash against a brand is back, and now it’s trending.

The hashtag “smehe” (“shoulder”) was created to describe a female Snapchat user who posts selfies that are more commonly used by men than women, and has become something of a meme on the platform, with people responding with their own reactions.

The original trending hashtag, #smehishow, quickly gained traction with users using it to share their personal stories and opinions on the app, and the #smeghe hashtags trended on Twitter last week, according to Buzzfeed.

Snapchat was quick to remove the hashtag, saying it “has no place on our platform” and that it “is not appropriate for a company to promote.”

But some users were still left with the hashtag and the meme, with some calling it a “shemale.”

On Monday, Twitter suspended the account of the Snapchat account, according in a statement to The Wall Street Journal.

The suspension comes after it was revealed that the account was linked to a fake account that created several tweets and memes to try to make people think that Snapchat was cracking down on “smeghesh.”

The account was suspended because the tweets and images had no relation to the original account, which is owned by a different company, The Verge reported.

Snap was able to make some users believe that they were being targeted for their Snapchat account by using the hashtag “snapchat-meh,” but they were not, the Verge reported, noting that there were many other Twitter users who were able to use the hashtag to share photos and videos with their friends.

The number of users tweeting the hashtag rose to nearly 4 million over the weekend, according the Verge.

But not everyone was amused by the hashtag trending on Twitter.

“It’s kind of sad that a brand could use it to sell them a new product, but it’s a cool hashtag,” a Twitter user named Andrew said in a tweet.

“It’s like if a new car got a little more premium and a little cheaper.

It’s cool that people are using it, but you can’t make it cool.”

A Snapchat spokesperson told Buzzfeed that the company “remains focused on the important things in life like family and our mission to make a better world.”