Hillary Clinton’s ‘America First’ Doctrine: The New Media’s Case for a Globalist Approach

Today’s NYT Live:Hillary Clinton’s “America First” Doctrine:The New Medias Case for Globalism article The Trump Administration has just taken the first steps toward dismantling the most significant legacy of the Obama Presidency, and its actions represent an assault on the core principles of American leadership.

The Obama Administration has gone to extraordinary lengths to dismantle the rule of law, the rule on what counts as an executive action, and the rule that the president must give notice before initiating any action, all while promising the public that the United States would never again violate international norms.

The Trump Administration appears to have no problem at all with undermining the rule by executive order that is the basis for these new executive orders.

This is a stunning reversal of American values.

The Trump administration is seeking to undermine the very values that made America great.

The United States has a proud history of being a nation of laws, and our constitution provides that we cannot turn away from the rule or the law.

This Administration has no respect for the rule and the law, and is trampling on our constitutional ideals.

The Constitution does not allow the President to issue an executive order unilaterally, and it does not provide for the president to take the steps necessary to ensure that executive orders are not issued without the consent of Congress.

This administration has no idea how to conduct foreign affairs without Congress, and has taken unilateral action to undermine our own foreign policy, including a dangerous move that will undermine our allies in the region.

It is a direct assault on our national security and our ability to effectively and legally lead our allies.

The United States will continue to seek the support of Congress to implement our foreign policy goals and to secure the necessary support to address the challenges of the future, and will continue our efforts to maintain our alliances.

The President will continue working with Congress to strengthen our relationships with our allies, but it will be the United Nations that will play a critical role in helping us maintain our global leadership.

I will not let this Administration stop us from doing our work to keep America safe and secure.

I will not allow this Administration to turn our back on our allies and our principles.

America will always stand with them, but we must work together to ensure the security of our allies as well.

The views expressed in this commentary are solely those of the author.