How to avoid being caught with an open bottle of booze

Oilers are reporting that there are reports of oilers in Australia being caught drinking in public in the wee hours of the morning.

Oilers say the incident happened on the west coast of the continent, near the Queensland coast. 

The incident was reported to the Oil and Gas Industry Safety Agency, which was investigating. 

Oil and gas company workers say they had a drink and were unaware of the situation, according to the ABC.

“I’m not sure how many, maybe a couple of, or five or six people, were drinking, but we do get reports of people in the office and on the office terrace, and that’s when it happens,” Oil and Geothermal Energy CEO Chris Williams said.

“There’s a lot of concern around what is going on here, and how much is OK to drink in public.”

We’ve heard that people who work in oil and gas are not getting the benefit of the full safety measures that the industry has.””

We do know that some people who drink alcohol are getting into accidents, but at least these incidents are being reported.”‘

You can get caught in the act’Another report claims oilers can be caught in a drunken state after taking a drink in the open.”

This happened to me on the night I was driving,” one employee of a company in Victoria told the ABC, explaining the incident.”

It was in the middle of the night, and I just drove up to a car park.

I went to put on my raincoat, and as I walked in I noticed people were drinking in the car park, which they didn’t expect.

“They were probably trying to get a drink out of their drink.

I just thought that was normal.””

The guy who was driving, I was sitting in the passenger seat, so he was the only one drinking, and he was having a really bad time.”

A number of other people have been in similar situations, but were not hurt.

“People who drink in an open state and get into accidents are a very rare thing, and they’re quite lucky,” a spokesperson for the Oil & Gas Industry Council said.