Tennis World Cup live stream: US women beat Italy 4-1

Tennis fans in the United States will have a new look at the world’s No. 1 ranked men’s tennis team in 2018, as the US women defeated the Italy men on Friday.

The match, played in front of an estimated 20 million people, was the first time since 2008 that the US defeated the world No. 2 ranked men.

The U.S. women, who are ranked second, were 1-1 on the day, and have lost just one of their last nine matches.

The Italian women, ranked third, have not lost a match in their last 10 matches.

Both teams dominated the first half of the match.

U.s. 6-4 lead 4-3 after five sets.

The Italians were down 4-0 by the fifth set, but U. of S. 7-4.

The U. s. tied it at 7-7 when Linares scored with 4.3 seconds remaining.

The lead was cut to 6-6 in the seventh set, when Italy tied it again with 6.1 seconds remaining in a match that was never tied.

Italy won its last match of the day 6-5, after a winless 11th game.