Powerball LIVE Broadcast: The Biggest Bets live stream at 10:45pm ET

The Big Show is going to be playing at a huge pace, and we are excited to bring you the Powerball Live Broadcast, where you can watch live on Fox Sports as he makes his way through the Powerballs, taking on all comers, with his patented “power ball” shot.

We’re also going to bring back the live show with a brand new feature where you will get to watch a preview of the Big Show’s game with the other participating contestants, along with all the action on social media.

You can find out more about PowerballLive and check out the rest of the broadcast on Friday at 10pm ET.

The Big Show and his fellow contestants will have a blast playing the PowerBall, as well as the chance to be the first to win a big prize in the process.

You will get a chance to win $500,000 worth of tickets to see the Big Bang Theory during its season finale on February 16, 2018, and you can find a full schedule of Powerball live stream shows below.

Check out the Powerpocalypse for yourself, as the Big Game is going down live at 10am ET.