Kusc Live: Trump’s daughter-in-law’s Facebook post comes on the heels of other negative news stories

On Thursday night, Melania Trump’s former daughter- in-law, Nicole Trump, posted a message on Facebook about how her parents’ divorce was “a mistake and will always be a mistake.”

The post came on the same night as news that the family was filing for divorce in California.

“It’s a mistake and it will always remain a mistake,” Nicole Trump wrote, using the hashtag #TheMildestStep.

“I can’t imagine life without him.

I don’t want my parents to be apart.

I hope they find a way to live together.

I wish we could have been there for each other and for the children, but we had to do what we had.

I am sorry.”

Nicole Trump is a Trump business associate and former assistant to Trump’s son-in, Eric Trump.

She had previously served as the family’s representative on the Board of Advisors for The Trump Organization, and she is the president of the American Council on Exercise.

“We are not separating,” Trump wrote.

“My father and I will always have each other.

We will be together and strong and together.

We are just a family.

We all love each other.”

On Tuesday, the Trump Organization announced that Trump’s ex-wife Ivana Trump had left her position as the company’s president and CEO.

Ivana has not commented on her divorce with her father, but the statement said Ivana was stepping down from her position because of “family issues.”

The announcement comes after Ivana, 45, said she and Trump divorced in October.

Trump has previously claimed that he and Ivana divorced because they “had no chemistry” and Ivanna said she left him after he “had a heart attack” and “had to take medication.”