How to avoid a major cyberattack and keep your online life safe with Mogulus

The best way to protect your personal information and get online safely is to use an online service.

That means, for example, setting up a cloud storage service and using a VPN service to protect yourself.

The best thing you can do to keep your personal data safe is to set up an account and start using the service.

Here are 10 things you should know about the best ways to protect against a major data breach.


Use an encrypted cloud service Mogulus offers a free cloud storage for businesses, which is the safest way to keep track of your data.


Use a VPN, if possible You can’t use a VPN if you don’t have a physical connection to your computer or a physical network to connect to.

You can only connect to a VPN through a proxy.

If you have a VPN that you use, the VPN provider will ask for your password when you connect to it.

You don’t need to give it to them, and it’s up to them to delete it once you’re done.


Use multiple browsers at the same time The best option is to make sure you use multiple browsers, as this protects against a potential data breach, especially if your information is stored in the cloud.


Use software that encrypts your data When you encrypt your data with a VPN provider, the provider can’t read your information.

You only see what’s encrypted on your machine.


Always use a secure password Mogulus recommends using a strong password for the account you have.

Your computer will be able to identify the account and your password, and the company will not be able read your email.


Use two-factor authentication You should never give your password to anyone else, even if you have the same one for multiple websites or services.

The same password is required for your social media accounts, your banking account, and any other accounts you use on a regular basis.


Never use a password manager If you use a mobile app or a cloud-based service, make sure it supports two-step verification.

When you log in to a website, the app will ask you to input your passcode.

If it doesn’t, the site will log you in with a blank password.


Follow best practices When you sign up for a service, ensure that it only offers secure connections.


Use the right browser at the right time If you are using a browser that can handle a lot of websites and services at once, like Chrome, Firefox, or Opera, use that browser.


Use Tor If you can, use Tor for browsing online.

Tor hides your IP address from authorities, which means that they can’t see your IP addresses.

The company has a privacy policy, which explains how to set it up.

You should also make sure your browser does not load any third-party websites and applications, like adware.