Broncos’ Bronco fans are going crazy for their new helmet

Broncos fans are celebrating the return of their beloved helmet, but the helmet is proving to be an unruly beast of a helmet.

One fan in Denver posted a video to social media of the helmet on Tuesday, with a caption that read, “Bronco fans, its sooooo good!”

The video quickly went viral, with some users claiming to have had a chance to take the helmet off for a spin.

Some have said they had to do so to get a better view, and others have claimed they could hear the fans screaming “Get out!”

During the time the helmet was being held up by the fan, the helmet went flying through the air, according to a user named Mimi.

She told Business Insider, “I got the helmet and then I tried to get it off but the fan kept grabbing it so I had to give it back.”

A few minutes later, another user called it “pretty bad.”

“It broke my face and I was just like, ‘What happened to the helmet?'” said the user, who asked that his name not be used because he feared for his safety.

The helmet was actually a gift for a friend of the fan who gave it to him.

The user said he would return it and was not upset that the fan was upset about it, saying he thought it was a good idea.

The Broncos’ helmet, a replica of the one worn by Peyton Manning, has been used for more than 100 games.

It’s not the first time the Broncos have made a helmet of its own.

Last year, they made a custom helmet for the team, but it was replaced by the helmet of a player who was on the team.