How to get around the ban on ahsaaaa live broadcast in Kerala

The ban on airing the Aam Aadmi Party’s live broadcast has come down across the country.

The party was banned in Tamil Nadu last week, but the ban remains in place in Kerala.

Aam Admi Party leader Jayanthi Natarajan said on Sunday that the ban has been lifted across the state.

Nataran has called for the party to return to the ground in the state where it has been airing its programme.

“We will return to Tamil Nadu soon.

Our campaign is still going on in Tamil Kannur and the AAM Aadmi party is working in Tamilnadu,” she told NDTV.

Nagaon, who has been in Kerala for the last five years, said that the party will be returning to the Kannau state soon.

The state government is yet to make a decision on the party’s return.

Kerala has also banned all political parties, including the Aams, from airing the broadcast.

The Aam Congress, which was also banned, has also announced its return.

The ruling AIADMK has said it will continue its campaigning in the State.