What you need to know about the ‘Liongate’ scandal

An investigation by BBC News has revealed how an unnamed Liverpool football fan who claims to be the owner of the Liverpool FC Facebook page has been caught in a major IT security breach.

The identity of the user has been leaked to The Sun, which is now publishing the details of the incident.

The identity of one of the people involved in the breach has also been leaked, though the details are not known.

The information was shared with The Sun via email and was sent to an employee of the website, who has refused to discuss the details.

The website is run by Liverpool FC, which has faced numerous privacy breaches in recent years.

In July, a former manager of the club was jailed for six years after he admitted downloading and selling club records.

The club has also faced multiple financial scandals, with the Football League and Premier League making a public apology for the problems.

Last week, Liverpool FC said it would spend $15m on new technology to prevent similar security breaches.