NHL Live stream to stream on NHL Network for $10+ with new streaming features

NHL Live Stream will be available on NHL.com for free starting Monday, January 11, 2018. 

The NHL Network app and the NHL app will stream the games in HD on demand beginning at 8 a.m.

PT, and can be accessed through the NHL website.

The NHL will also offer the NHL GameCenter Live app on the web, but this version will have all the NHL live game streams available in HD.

NHL Game Center Live will have full access to all the broadcast information and live scores from all 32 teams in the NHL and will be the primary viewing option for the live stream. 

“We’re excited to launch the NHL Live streaming service for free, allowing fans to enjoy the games on their phones and tablets as well as on their computers,” said NHL Director of Player Operations Paul Allen. 

Fans will be able to sign up to play in the app, and the app will offer all the player stats, game and team info, plus a customizable live score widget. 

Players can also create their own personal profiles for easy viewing and sharing. 

In addition to the live game streaming, the NHL will offer a live blog on the NHL Network website. 

NHL Game Center app will also include analytics, score and highlight tools and advanced stats, including shots on goal, power play and save percentage. 

NBA Live will be streamed in HD starting on Monday, Jan. 11, and will include a free app update that includes NBA 2K18, NBA Live 2019, NBA 2k19, and NBA Live 2049. 

Additionally, the NBA App will also be available in the store on Monday. 

ESPN app will be a limited time offer, starting Monday at 11 a.M.


All-access subscription packages will cost $99 per year and include access to the NHL game streams, NHL Gamecenter app, NHL Live and the NBA app, plus all of the above, as well. 

There is no set launch date for the NHL streaming service. 

As a special treat for fans who are new to the app or looking to start a subscription, there is also a $1 million “game day” bonus for new subscribers that can be applied to all NHL games and all other NHL content. 

Here’s a look at some of the other major sports games streaming providers currently available on the app. 

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