India cricket fans are ‘more loyal’ to team that lost to South Africa

By the time South Africa were dismissed in the third over of the day, India had gone on to score 226 for 4 and claim the match 4-0.

The match ended in a 2-2 draw and while the scorecard is a bit of a blur in the first innings, the two sides looked like they were on the right track. 

With an innings-long drought at the top of the order, South Africa’s captain, Virat Kohli, found the space to bowl one-day international number-one Harbhajan Singh, who had an eye-catching delivery to turn and put the hosts in front.

In the second innings, Kohli again found the right spot to bowl his left-arm spinner in a big over.

After his opener was stumped, he picked up another wicket.

The score was 6-0 and the final score was the same.

The first Test was played in front of a packed crowd in Ranchi, where the fans were not as passionate as in the stadium.

But, the crowds were very, very vocal. 

It was an amazing atmosphere in the stadiums, where many of the fans, both the home and away ones, could be seen standing in their seats.

It was also very hard for the home team to take. 

After the game, the BCCI tweeted that the fans at the ground had been “very, very, loud” but were not “more loyal” to the team that was out for revenge. 

In a video on his Twitter page, Kohlss former coach Harbhay Singh Dhoni spoke about how the fans made it difficult for the players to get into their rhythm.

The fans chanted “Shahriyas”, which means “India will win”.

He added: “The fans also shouted “Brahmam ki bahut ke bhoy hai”, which is “Bharti Aparashkar” (Bhartiya Aparishkar is the name of the team).”

Dhoni added that “the fans have been very, strong in their support for us.” 

But the fans did not let up, as they were heard chanting “Bhagwan ke bahush, bhagwanshi” (We will win), which means, “We will beat them, too”.

The crowd chanted “Achcha, achcha” (the victory is ours) when the team reached the dressing room after the game. 

Dhoni also spoke about the lack of excitement among the fans.

“It’s very sad, because the fans are very, extremely passionate,” he said.

“They love this team, and they’re very passionate about this team.

And that’s why they’re giving so much, which is the reason why we have to do this.

The fan has the passion.

I’m sure it’s true.” 

The fans were very vocal and they have their own version of cricket.

The team also had to fight through a long stretch of rain, and the fans went wild as they watched the match.

The rain was so bad that they had to wear masks and cover their faces.

But that was not enough for the fans who wanted to celebrate with the team and were chanting “Kareen ke nahi chutta hai”. 

As for the game itself, Dhoni said he was impressed by the way South Africa played.

“The ball was very good.

The batsmen did well, too.

And they hit the wickets very well.

It’s a good game.” 

However, Dhani was not too happy with how the match was played.

He said: “We had to bowl the first over in an unstructured way.

And we had to wait till the end for the last ball.

And the game was unstructural.” 

After his side were out of the game on the last day, Dhontias captain Rahul Dravid expressed his displeasure with the game and the manner in which it was played, saying “the game was played like a cricket match.

I was very disappointed.”