Chinese starlet announces move to Shanghai for ‘biggest’ show in Chinese language

Chinese starlets have revealed they will leave the Shanghai Grand Theatre on May 19 to make their first live broadcast in Mandarin.

The move will mark a major coup for China’s ruling Communist Party, which has long wanted to make its state-run media more accessible to non-Chinese viewers.

More: China is the largest producer of TV dramas in the world and has long sought to be a cultural hub for the world’s largest economy.

“We hope to be the first to introduce Mandarin to Chinese-speaking viewers,” Li Jingping, the head of the Shanghai-based theatre, told reporters.

“In this way we will be able to provide a better service to Chinese viewers in the capital, especially those who are very passionate about China’s political and cultural history.”

The move to mainland China follows a string of Chinese dramas that were shown on China’s state-owned broadcasters and online platforms.

In January, the state-backed People’s Daily said it would begin airing the first Mandarin-language drama of its kind in the country.

Last month, the Communist Party of China launched a major new initiative to boost its cultural and political reach.

Chinese state media have long promoted a view that the country is a democracy and that its people enjoy a high level of freedoms and human rights.

It has also used its media outlets to promote the party’s efforts to attract foreign investors and to attract more Westerners to the country, where about one-fifth of the population is Chinese.